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Pragmatics Supports DoD Mission Of Fighting Terrorism By Linking Warfighters To Vital Intelligence Data

September 9, 2019 08:35 AM



  • As the systems integrator and developer for the DOD intelligence system, which serves as the organization’s primary intelligence information processing, exploiting, and dissemination platform, pragmatics provides systems engineering, database administration, systems integration, and development support to the intelligence system program.

  • Pragmatic Agility® techniques were used to successfully develop and deploy new system capabilities to meet DOD user community needs.

  • The development and deployment of a single sign-on and cross-domain capability, as well as a user interface, improved the system’s accessibility and look and feel for users.

  • Pragmatics met all DOD intelligence system program schedule and quality metrics for deploying new capabilities.

“The deployment of new capabilities for processing, exploiting, and disseminating intelligence information led to high levels of client and user satisfaction.”


The DoD requires persistent Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities to find, analyze, and eliminate terrorist threats both in the United States and abroad. A unique DoD intelligence system serves as the primary platform for delivering the timely, actionable intelligence capabilities that are crucial in preventing, deterring, and responding to terrorism.


When the DoD program office needed enhanced fielding capabilities to enable users to process, exploit, and disseminate ISR data and intelligence focused on its unique needs, it turned to Pragmatics for expertise in assessing requirements and translating them into system capabilities.

Pragmatics served as an agent of change, designing, developing, and implementing technically advanced end-to-end solutions by leveraging the Pragmatic Agility® methodology.

The deployment of a single sign-on capability, a cross-domain solution enabling information flow between different security domains, and a common user interface all gave the DoD intelligence system the ability to be net-centric, operating in a “plug and play” manner for processing, exploiting, and disseminating operations.


  • The deployment of new capabilities for processing, exploiting, and disseminating intelligence information led to high levels of client and user satisfaction.

  • Pragmatics’ implementation of a disciplined agile development and system testing processes enabled seamless and active development, testing and evaluation, fielding and integration, and certification of intelligence system components.

  • Pragmatics’ role in integrating Pragmatic Agility into the intelligence system software development and deployment processes led the DoD organization’s IT Management Office to request our assistance in updating the organization’s Chief Information Officer directive on information technology service management.


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