Dr. Ben Nguyen

Dr. Ben Nguyen

Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Technology Grp

Phone: 703-890-8500

Department: Leadership

"Leading Corporate Initiatives in Healthcare and Health IT"

Ben Nguyen works with Pragmatics’ leadership team to develop strategies and innovative solutions to advance health information and deep learning technologies. As current data volumes increase, Dr. Nguyen is focused on improving our ability to access better insights in a meaningful way. Through his experience as a practicing physician, he understands the importance of data-driven patient care, the challenges of technology/EHR adoption, and the need to improve quality metrics for outcomes and patient satisfaction. He actively represents Pragmatics in relationships with academic institutions, professional societies, and government clients.

Dr. Nguyen has participated as a member of the Pragmatics executive team for many years. He has been involved in the strong growth of the company since its inception in 1985. He also serves as Pragmatics’ Ethics Officer. He is board-certified in both clinical informatics and neurosurgery and holds a bachelors and a medical degree from Harvard University.