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CEO Message: Happy Employee Appreciation Day!

March 5, 2021 10:34 AM

Dear Pragmatists,

On the occasion of National Employee Appreciation Day on March 5th, I want to thank you for your commitment. You dedicate yourselves to our customer mission throughout the year to make us all safer and more secure. Here are some examples of what Pragmatics Teams are doing:

  • Modernize classrooms at United States Army bases throughout the country to improve readiness for 500,000 warfighters a year.

  • Conduct forensics accounting on foreign military sales to defend the U.S. Government from billions of dollars in claims.

  • Develop software for the Arlington National Cemetery to allow the efficient retrieval of burial records and ordering of gravestones to respectfully honor our veterans.

  • Develop software for the Department of Treasury to supervise our banking system more efficiently.

  • Support the program to allow an increasing number of Americans to receive affordable health insurance.

In addition, our leverage teams in Accounting, Contracts and Procurement, Recruiting, Human Resources, and facilities security professionally complete all back-office functions to allow Pragmatics to operate smoothly as a company. We are proud of the service we have provided to the nation for over 35 years. That service has been provided by all of you. Please stay safe and best wishes to you all.



Dr. Long Nguyen,

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Pragmatics, Inc

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