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In honor of Women’s History Month, Pragmatics is proud to celebrate the unique stories of our outstanding female employees who are supporting missions of national importance.

Meet Women in Information Technology. Explore their profiles and get personal with women from a diversity of backgrounds, expertise, and experience who are essential to our growing team at Pragmatics.

Lisa Randolph took an indirect route to her role as a Test Engineer.

After graduating from college, Lisa landed her first job in the insurance business, where she quickly became an expert in the field of Universal Life Insurance. Shortly after, Lisa seized a chance to transition to another role, which required her to test the software application developed for the insurance products. This testing experience built a solid foundation for her career path as a Test Engineer. “It was there that I had a great mentor, Lori, who trained me in what to look for in testing. Some of the tips and ideas on how to test still come to my mind when I am in the midst of testing today,” says Lisa.

In 2006, she joined Pragmatics and over the years worked on multiple projects. When the company won a new project in 2016, she was selected as the test manager for the team.


Lisa working with teammates to support missions of  national importance.

Lisa’s recent project supported the nation by providing an application of logistics data and personnel status for the highest levels of the Joint Staff services and agencies. It is crucial that her team uncovers any issues in the application and makes sure errors are corrected before the users access the information.

As Lisa progresses through her career, her thirst for learning makes her outstanding in the field of testing. Knowing the fact that women struggle to land jobs in the technology field, and that it gets harder as they ascend the ladder, she never stops enhancing her skill set while gaining different hands-on experiences.

quoteIt is critical for women to recognize the need to expand their knowledge base and continue to train and learn more in their careers.

As a woman in a technical role, Lisa always holds an open mindset with diversity, equality, and inclusion. Her academic background in linguistics plays an important role here. You might ask how linguistics fits into a technical field. For Lisa, it has a huge benefit.  

quote Studying the role of language in society has opened up my mind to diversity and understanding and appreciating other cultures and how to communicate across languages and cultures.

Outside of the workplace, Lisa loves dancing and doing dance-like exercise such as Zumba. In the past, she danced in musicals and performances. Now she is taking a tap dance class and sometimes performs with a group of friends for women’s events at church. “Expressing emotions through song and dance is encouraging to people,” Lisa believes.


Lisa with her husband, son and daughter.