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Meet Kimberly Board, our Incident/Problem Management Manager, who has been with Pragmatics for almost three years. In her role, she is providing support to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).
Recently we sat down with Kimberly and discussed her background and path toward Pragmatics.

Kimberly, can you tell us about your background and how you got into this field?

I was blessed to have worked remotely as a Business Analyst (BA) for one company for over 15 years, working on Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) healthcare contracts.

What was your journey to Pragmatics like?

It took a leap of faith to leave a company that I had worked with for over 15 years to come to Pragmatics. However, it was the right time in my life to expand my knowledge in the Information Technology (IT) industry, and it was a huge plus that I was able to stay in the healthcare area. 
Pragmatics hired me as Operations Support Analyst, and then a little over a year, I was promoted to Incident/Problem Management Manager. So, it was a wonderful surprise that Pragmatics selected me to receive the Chairman's Award in 2022.

What do you appreciate about your team at Pragmatics?

quoteI appreciate all my coworkers […] without their dedication, hard work, and teamwork, we would not be able to deliver the level of quality we do.

I appreciate all my coworkers because, with their dedication, hard work, and teamwork, we are able to deliver the level of quality we do. I genuinely work with a great group of people, and they are a joy to work with.

Kimberly, can you describe your experience in your role and share your advice?

I thoroughly enjoy my position as the Incident/Problem Management Manager because I can use my Business Analyst and Operations Support Analyst skills to ensure the incident and problem management processes are followed, including cross-referencing all documentation sources, process compliance, and Quality Assurance (QA).
My advice to others, be positive, always strive to do your very best, and learn something new every day. 



What do you do to relax and unwind outside of work?



When I'm not working, I enjoy reading the Bible and spending quality time with my four children.

I also love gardening, canning, making candles, camping, and fostering animals from our local shelter. 

Moose is one of my foster dogs that found his forever home with me.