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quoteWhen I was a kid, seeing my father work as a software developer every day made me proud. It was the biggest inspiration that helped shape my dream job.quote_(1)

Hammad’s childhood dream blossomed into an intense interest when he was in high school. He was intrigued by the technologies used in the video games he played. When graduating from high school, that interest led him to follow his heart by pursuing his passions through Computer Science.  “Now I get to do all those things and can see how it’s happening, which is just amazing and fantastic,” said Hammad.

School life for students in the Computer Science program can be either extremely stressful or enjoyable. It’s always exciting to be exposed to the most progressive technologies and be able to put ideas into perspective.  However, the area of study comes with it’s own set of technical challenges, and while some of them can be overcome with a great deal of effort, others may fall through.

Hammad’s capstone project was a great achievement and became his favorite project in college. His team helped the client build an end-to-end wireless weather monitoring system, where they not only delivered the product but also developed strong bonds. This experience in the last year of college stimulated Hammad’s imagination of an ideal workplace– an environment where he can gain both excellent professional skills as well as make more connections and friendships.

  quoteAs I was looking for my first job, my motivation was to find a friendly workplace where I could learn the most. So far, Pragmatics hasn’t disappointed me. quote_(1)

Like most fresh graduates, while looking for a professional job, Hammad attached the greatest importance on learning opportunities and a positive corporate culture. He was impressed by Pragmatics’ continuous effort to embrace the latest technologies and its contributions to employee career development, and so, he decided to join the Pragmatics 2019 Summer Internship Program.

Pragmatics is one of the few companies that provide interns more opportunities to learn about currently trending technologies. Here, interns get the most out of the internship by getting assigned with a mentor and then getting assigned daily tasks by their mentors. “My assigned mentor was always willing to help me get through any issues,” said Hammad.

quoteLooking back on my previous internships, interning at Pragmatics was the best. The exposure that interns get here is different from any other company. I can feel I am just as important as a full-time employee.quote_(1)

In addition, interns can get access to their own AWS account, which enables them to use a wide variety of AWS services to help deploy a completed quality product successfully. Moreover, they can get exposure to other avant-garde technologies, such as PostgreSQL, Java Spring Boot, and ReactJS.


Hammad working with his teammate to improve the product at Pragmatics

Hammad’s experience at Pragmatics is just like at college. “My co-workers are my friends now, and the environment here is extremely friendly and professional,” Hammad remarked. He described that there is no difference between working at Pragmatics and working on a project with a group of friends at school, which is commonly said by interns at Pragmatics.

The company offered Hammad the full-time position, Associate Software Developer, after they had recognized Hammad’s efforts during his two-month internship. Nowadays, as a full-time employee, Hammad is involved with multiple roles, some of which include working with the data science team, working with the DevOps team, and helping with testing. “Also, it is important to mention that Pragmatics offers paid AWS training to their full-time employees,” said Hammad.