Safety Engineering Assessments


Safety engineering is an integral part of every Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) system’s development. The FAA’s Acquisition Management System (AMS) requires safety assessment during every phase of the acquisition life cycle. The Safety Risk Management Guidance for Systems Acquisition document contains the requirements for the FAA’s Safety Management System (SMS). Depending on the phase, the Pragmatics Transportation Group performs an operational safety assessment consisting of an operational hazard assessment and an allocation of safety objectives and requirements.

The operational environment is defined in an Operational Services and Environment Definition document. If there is more than one alternative, we perform a comparative safety assessment. We compile the results in a Safety Risk Management Document (SRMD) and a Hazard Tracking System document, which become part of the preliminary program requirements and the update to the enterprise architecture. Pragmatics’ Transportation Group has developed many safety documents for Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSSs), Global Positioning System Phase IIIA, Unmanned Aerial System, and SMS for Baltimore-Washington International Airport.

Exceeding Our Customers’ Expectations

We support all aspects of the FAA’s AMS and SMS requirements.

  • Full compliance with all aspects of the AMS, including the Service Analysis and Concepts and Requirements Definition
  • Full integration of the SMS’s SRMD into the AMS process, including hazard analysis, risk assessment, hazard tracking and risk resolution, and risk acceptance (with design of appropriate controls and mitigations) into the program development and life cycle
  • Development support for the safety specifications and safety assurance requirements and the verification and audits of the safety design implementation.

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