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This year, Pragmatics celebrates its 35 years of service and culture. Founded by Dr. Long Nguyen in 1985, we have engaged directly with our clients to solve complex challenges that require advanced technical knowledge, as well as an in-depth understanding of each client's mission and domain.

We're proud to recognize those who have driven our success by their years of innovation and ingenuity. Meet our Pragmatists. Explore their profiles and get personal with them from their years of outstanding development with Pragmatics.

What was your journey to Pragmatics like?

Long Nguyen, our Chief Executive Officer, and I had adjacent offices at Georgetown University - he was in Computer Science; I was in Mathematics. I was recommended to him to participate in a Pragmatics project that required a statistician. I joined Pragmatics on a part-time basis, then full-time after my retirement from Georgetown six years ago.


What is your current role at Pragmatics? Why is your role important?

I perform quality assurance audits for Pragmatics projects and corporate groups, as well as prepare metrics for review by senior management and assist in writing and improving process documents. I also serve as chair of the Quality Management Review Committee, a body of senior managers that meets quarterly to review our management system, quality of service, and information security. I serve on the Engineering Process Group, the Training Group, the IT Change Advisory Board, and the Organizational Process Management Working Group. I act as a scribe for the Senior Management Steering Committee (SMSC), a body consisting of the CEO, President, Process Improvement Director, and myself.

Quality Assurance is important since it is something our customers need. It leads to customer satisfaction, staff satisfaction, and new and continuing business.


What project are you most proud of since you started working at Pragmatics?

I have worked on and across many projects in my time at Pragmatics. Perhaps my greatest satisfaction comes from projects that require the use of my mathematical and statistical skills – including projects in the past with the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), and a current project with the FDIC. Through my work with many other projects, I have come to appreciate both the desirability and the limitations of defined processes and the significant pressures that project managers and corporate leads are under.


In your years with Pragmatics, how does Pragmatics empower you to grow?

quoteThrough Pragmatics, I have come to appreciate the challenges and opportunities of business - from proposals and contracts to IT support and HR – I enjoy all aspects of project execution.

As a mathematician who has taught and done research for many years, I have had little academic contact with the business world. Through Pragmatics, I have come to appreciate the challenges and opportunities of business - from proposals and contracts to IT support and HR – I enjoy all aspects of project execution. And I have always enjoyed the variety of multi-talented people, past and present, who work here.


Andrew and his wife Barbara Vogt (left) with the CFO Kimmy Duong (right) at 2016 Pragmatics Holiday Party

Outside of work, how do you describe yourself?

When I was younger, I was involved in both local and national politics. For many years, I was chair of my condominium’s Finance Committee. I was also Vice-Chair of our Board of Directors. Currently, I confine myself to mathematical research and enjoying life with my son, grandson, and lovely wife of 50 years.


What advice do you have for young professionals who are in their early careers?

Learn on the job from others – those whom you work for and with. Appreciate their achievements and avoid any perceived flaws. Do not be too eager to move on to a larger salary until you really understand what you are doing.